Marriage Proposals

Captured moments of a new life together.

Adam & Jenna

Adam was very clever in planning his proposal to Jenna. He arranged for the two of them to meet at a park after work to spend time together and enjoy the sunset. Little did she know that his parents, her parents, and myself would also be at the park...hiding at various spots. I found a spot within some bushes that had a direct view of a bench that Adam had picked out beforehand. Jenna's reaction is  priceless!

Albert & Kristena

This scenic rooftop was the perfect location for Albert to propose to Kristena. During the setup, the weather was cool and dry, but that all changed as night fell and it became rainy and windy at times. Even their crew of friends had to re-light the candles a few times. When Kristena arrived, she was shocked and actually thought she had walked in on someone else's setup until she saw Albert standing there. After getting some rooftop pics, we headed down to the street to get some more shots. The night couldn't have been more perfect!

Aleks & Oksana

Alek's plan was for he and Oksana to enjoy a nice stroll at one of Cleveland's lakefront parks before heading over to dinner. The challenge was that Oksana knew me (and knew that I was a photographer), and the park has very skinny trees and no bushes, so trying to find a place to hide was my mission. As I saw them coming I decided to just crouch down next to one of the concrete planters and hope for the best. Luckily, she didn't see me and the plan worked!

Alex & Julie

The night before this proposal, my friend Alex contacted me to see if I would be available and willing to go to Buffalo, NY to photograph him proposing to his girlfriend Julie. He had planned for them to go on a sight-seeing plane ride over Niagara Falls, at which point, he would propose to her, and we would take pictures afterwards at the Falls. I obliged, of course!

Alex & Liviya

This wonderful couple braved a cold and damp day to visit Cleveland's Botanical Gardens for a date night. Unbeknownst to Liviya, it would also be the night that her boyfriend Alex would propose to her.

Andrew & Michelle

Andrew arrived early to set up a trail of flower petals and note cards that he had written to Michelle which would lead her to where he was waiting for her. Several park goers had stopped to watch what was going on and applauded after she said "Yes!"

Blake & Gina

Blake contacted me to ask if I would be available and willing to shoot his proposal to Gina, and of course, I obliged!  His plan was to have me waiting with flowers (that he had bought for her) outside of the Starbucks where they first met, and I was going to pretend to help them get a picture of the two of them with the Cleveland's GE Chandelier in the background.  I watched as Blake & Gina drove up into the nearby valet lane and proceeded to walk to the intersection. As they moved into position, I asked her to hold the flowers, then Blake proceeded to ask for her hand in marriage. When he got down on one knee, pedestrians and onlookers nearby started to cheer and drivers honked their horns. With tears in her eyes, Gina said "Yes!"  As they were hugging, the valet perfectly photo-bombed a shot with Blake's own car!  It was an amazing day!

Carmen & Mandy

It was a beautifully sunny day when Carmen proposed to Mandy. He wanted to do it at a local beach. Mandy knows me as a photographer so the challenge for me was to find a suitable hiding spot as most beaches are fairly wide open. Carmen was going to have Mandy meet him out on the rocky pier, so I decided to stand within the trees where the beachline starts and use a longer lens. I had a second shooter (whom both didn't know) sit on the the other side of them for a closer, reverse angle. Everything went off without a hitch...I'm just glad Carmen didn't drop the ring!

Dale & Dawn

Earlier in the day, Dale called to tell me that he was going to propose to his girlfriend Dawn at church that night, in his formal military suit, and he wanted me to capture it. Everyone was used to seeing me at church with a camera in hand so it was no surprise to Dawn, but she was confused when Dale walked in wearing his uniform, then overjoyed when he got down on one knee and proposed.

David & Samantha

David called the staff at his favorite winery ahead of time to let them know that he would be proposing to his girlfriend there that afternoon. When he and Samantha arrived, he brought her out to the rear courtyard to view the scenery...and make his move.

Joe & Ashini

Sometimes, low-key and private is the best way to go about doing a proposal. Joe opted to have Ashini come to the house for a normal hangout, and truly surprise her as she walked in. 

Joesph & Kayla

Joe brought Kayla to downtown Cleveland to stroll through the decorative Christmastime displays. I knew that Joe wanted to capture the moment in front of this particular Higbee Building window, so I hid at the corner of the building and waited for them to stop to view the display. She was thoroughly shocked, and Joe was a happy man!

Joey & Meesh

Joey had set up for he and his girlfriend Michelle ("Meesh") to enjoy the warm summer day taking in the views at Cleveland's Edgewater Park. Luckily for me, Meesh had never met me, and the park is a popular spot with visitors with cameras so I blended right in as they both walked right by me.

Leo & Sofia

Leo wanted to set up a battery-candle-lit proposal at Squire's Castle in Ohio. His sister and brother-in-law helped to set up the message while he was on the way there with Sofia. Darkness was falling fast and I was worried about having enough light to see anything. Luckily, a slow shutter speed and the light from a cell phone was all that was needed to capture the moment.

Mario & Vika

Lake Erie served as the backdrop for Mario's surprise proposal to Vika. The day before, he scoped out the location and we both agreed that the red bench was going to be the perfect spot! We were hoping for some snowflakes, which luckily came later.

Max & Luda

Brandywine Falls in Ohio's Cuyahoga Valley National Park makes for an incredible backdrop for much so that a few minutes before Max and Luda arrived, another couple was making their way down to the viewing platform. I felt bad for the guy and REALLY bad for the girl who were not the couple intended for this romantic scene. Embarrassed, they retreated moments before Max & Luda arrived and all went well!

Oleg & Kristina

This was one of my favorite proposals. The day before, Oleg asked me if I'd be willing to drive down to an exhibit at the Franklin Park Conservatory in Columbus to capture him proposing to his girlfriend Kristina. Figuring that it would probably be a unique opportunity, I jumped on it! The pictures were taken in front on Bruce Munro's "Beacon", which was part of his traveling "LIGHT" exhibit. I knew the pictures would be taken outdoor and at night, I was just concerned that there wouldn't be enough or ANY lighting on them. In the end, I resorted to treating them as silhouettes, which resulted in quite magical images!

Robert & Roza

Robert was wanting to propose to Roza, so he had a few of her friends set up and decorate a spot inside a local greenhouse. Needless to say, Roza was surprised and elated when Robert proposed to her.

Roman & Vicky

A scenic gazebo served as the perfect location choice for Roman to propose to Vicky, so he had his sister and her boyfriend decorate it before they arrived.  It was a cold and windy night, but it all came together perfectly!

Russ & Katie

Russ had his brothers go all out with the decorations for his proposal to Katie. She would be arriving with Russ within a few hours notice and there was a lot that had to be set up. This particular park had no outside lighting whatsoever so I had to rely on the lighting from the decorations alone. When they arrived, Katie was greeted with a battery-candle-lit path towards a heart with her and Russ' initials behind it. She was awed! Afterwards they decided to light a flying lantern and finished the night off with some light-writing.

Vadim & Karen

Vadim contacted me to see if I'd be available to brave the cold and meet with him and Karen in downtown Cleveland to view the Christmas lights and decorations, where he was going to propose to her. You may not be able to tell from the pictures, but these two were troopers in battling the frigid temperature that night.

Vadim & Larisa

Some of Vadim's family were in charge of setting up the decorations for the area in a park where he would propose to his girlfriend Larisa. The ladies did an amazing job, Larisa said "Yes," and it was a great time of captured moments.

Vlad & Alina

Vlad had a few of his friends and family decorate the gazebo in Chagrin Falls while he and Alina were at dinner, so I decided to snap a few shots while they were setting up. Much to my dismay, the city keeps its shrubbery trimmed so there was really no place for me to hide and get a good shot. I opted to try my best to hide behind the nearest bush as they were walking up. After she said "Yes!" and had some moments to themselves and the others, I decided to walk them around the city for some shots. Much to the city of Chagrin Falls' credit, it is a beautifully nostalgic town to photograph at night.

Zach & Lesya

Zach's plan for the evening was for him and Lesya to have a nice dinner out on the town in Cleveland's Tremont neighborhood, then he'd propose to her out on the street. It worked! Lesya was very happy and definitely enjoyed her ring!